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Welcome to World Wide Aviation

The aviation industry is one of the most resilient economic sectors .And the market for air travel has been growing at an average annual rate of 5% since 1964[i]-- nearly fifty years of continuous expansion The job market for cabin crew in india is largely dependent on the need for crew at the airline level. As large carriers increase recruitment, it causes a "pull" effect within the industry. Typically, airlines hire from regional carriers, who hire from smaller charter companies, who hire from their ramp positions,ground services or flight instructors from Aviation institutes...

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Guwahati (Branch)

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World Wide Aviation provides 100% job assistance to our students.We offer in-flight & theortical training from the best cabin crew & ground operation faculties who already having years of experience in their industry such as domestic and international level. With the guidance of faculties, you can fulfil your dreams and also can get free counselling that can help you to make your career in right way, also giving free course kit with uniform. Some people are just burning to fly, for them world wide Aviation is a platform through that you can complete your dreams .Work hard, put your hours in, and watch your career take flight under the training of the best faculty from aviation industry in world wide aviation.

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 Registration Open For Delhi & Guwahati (Session 2018-2019)

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